Monthly Archives: March 2013

Why Do the Stars Shine, SA Observer, Mar 29, 2013 This essay explores how each new source of energy has altered human life in numerous ways.

Language and Being, Article, SA Observer, March 22, 2013 Language & Being: How Words Turn on their Head, SA Observer, March 22, 2013. This essay presents a glimpse of the significance of language in defining what it means to be human.

Disease Mongering, or Concern for Well-being, Kumar, SA Observer, March 15, 2013

This article discusses the role of pharmaceutical companies in defining and creating diseases, particularly of mental nature. For full article read….

. This article questions the process and ethics of defining and creating new diseases, particularly of mental nature. For complete article…

Forgiving the Unforgivable, Sehdev Kumar SA Observer, Jan 11, 2013 Some acts are so heinous that they seem unforgivable. How can they be forgiven? FOR FULL ARTICLE READ.

From Fear to Forgiveness, Sehdev Kumar, SA Observer, Dec 14, 2012 What are the steps from fear to forgiveness? FOR FULL ARTICLE READ.

Crimes against Humanity, Kumar, Observer PDF What is the meaning and extent of crimes against humanity? FOR FULL ARTICLE READ.

Crushed Flowers in a Global Fire, Sehdev Kumar, SA Observer, Jan 4, 2013 How assaults against women are creating a global outcry. FOR FULL ARTICLE READ.

Einstein and the making of a Sage, KUMAR, SA Observer, March 8, 2013 How the greatest scientist tried to unify religion, art and the sciences into one holistic vision. FOR FULL ARTICLE READ.